Marketing a business or marketing a product can be darned hard work, mainly because we just don’t know how to market online.  Website promotion can be tricky at best, especially when you feel like a city-slicker in the jungle, without a guide and without a map.

But what if it could be fun?  What if you had a guide who could guide you past the pitfalls and point you toward the perfect path through the jungle to some exotic city of riches and adventure?

As I pondered the mechanism we learn by, I realized that people learn more, learn faster and remember better when they do what they are taught as the learn and when they are having fun.  I did a complete redesign on Notions Into Motion and now we are ready to launch with some real power for our online marketing students.

Allow me to introduce the New and Improved, Notions Into Motion – Business Builders program.  As a member you get:

  • Weekly Strategy Sessions with The Web Woman, featuring tactics, tools and tips on how to market your business, how to market your product in a self-paced, tried and true sequence that will bring you to the top of your marketing game.  Each Strategy Session comes with it’s own set of resources to allow you to create real online assets to promote your business on and offline.  Action Steps with each workshop that take you step by step through the process necessary to fully implement the strategy from the workshop.
  • A private Facebook mentoring group to allow you to network with your fellow students, get your questions answered and keep you “in the know” about all of the cool new features, new courses, new Strategy Sessions and even Celebrity Guest trainers available onlye to Notions Into Motion Business Builder members.
  • A library of courses to learn how to do a lot of the technical tricks to applying the strategies you will be learning in the Strategy Session workshops.
  • The “Mission Accomplished Game” that allows you to play your way through to marketing success.
  • New features and new resources are added on a continual basis to keep you up to date on the latest trends and techniques in the marketing world, both on and offline.

So, are you ready to play?

BTW, if you are already a member, please go to your Member Account page to get all the details on the New and Improved NIM program and take a moment to share this with someone you know who is struggling with their online business.


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