One of the first thing every new internet marketer learns is the importance of keywords. In this strategy session we take the mystery out of finding the right keywords to make sure your website gets found by your best potential customers or clients.

It’s not just about picking keywords.  Picking keywords that your customers are actually searching for is important.  Too often I find that clients have just “thought up” a bunch of keywords for their products without knowing if anyone is actually searching for them.  In this strategy session we introduce a little known free tool that helps you find out which keywords are being actively searched and will give you suggestions of variations on those keywords.

Once you know which keywords to use, this workshop goes into detail of HOW to use them.  I think you will be surprised to find that keywords are more important that you realized and we discuss how to use them on and OFFLINE to communicate to potential customers and clients clearly and to enhance and build your brand as a trustworthy resource for your product or service.

The action steps you take as you attend this workshop will ensure you are building the foundation for a sustainable, scalable and profitable business.  It is available in the member area for members only.  If you are a member, go here.  If you are not a member, join here.


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