There are over 1,235,000,000 Websites on the internet, with about 300-500 websites per minute being added to your competition.  If that seems a litte scary, it’s not surprising.  This means, more than ever, that every marketer online is faced with a seemingly herculean task of getting their information in front of the right people at the right time in the right way.   in January of 1996 we had only 100,000 websites, but interestingly enough, the same principles that applied back then for internet marketing success apply now.  The difference is that we now have more tools (good, bad and indifferent) to market with.

Content is still king.  That much hasn’t changed.  The difference is the sophistication of your ideal customer or client.  If you are going to compete in this high tech world, you need to be able to get the attention of your visitors quickly (statistically between 10-15 seconds) and not only hold their attention, but have the means to keep them coming back, as the cost per customer goes down significantly if they are returning on a regular basis.

With this in mind, we need to construct our online marketing machine with the greatest care.  We can’t depend on being found in the search engines alone.  Back in 2001, I taught my students a powerful lesson about this.  I challenged them to come up with an obscure keyword that people almost never seemed to think about.   The keyword they decided on was “hamster”.   When we searched for it, to our surprise, we found there were nearly 130,000 web pages that were indexed under the keyword hamster.  When I did that same search today, I got about 90 million results.  What this means to every single website owner is that you can’t afford to only be found on the search engines.  You have to create a strategy that will get your content seen on multiple places on the web.  The content you create needs to be compelling, attractive and useful for your particular tribe.

Assuming you completed the action steps for Strategy Session 2: Your Ideal Customer/Client,  you should know precisely who your targeted audience is and where they hange out.  The workshop, “Buyer Intelligence” will give you tools to do that research.  We highly recommend that you do each of these steps in order.  You are bulding the foundation for your marketing machine.  By taking it in a step-by-step approach and completing each step as you move along, you will come away from each week with a new part of your marketing machine in place.

This week we are focusing on putting the most important part of your engine at the forefront of everything you do.  We included in this lesson a vital part of the machine that will allow you to ontinue to create great content that attracts buyers.  Over the next severaol weeks, you will be adding the necessary components of a machine that will bring exactly the right kinds of visitors to your store or your services site.  Whether you are a local brick and mortar business or a strictly online endeavor, you will build a business that will be profitable, sustainable and scalable in a marketplace that is large beyond comprehension.

You can find this Strategy Session in the Stragey Session tab in the menu along with the Action Steps handout and the link to the tools spoken about in the Writer’s Unblocking Kit we lay out for you.  This is available only to Notions Into Motion Businesss Builders members.  If you aren’t yet a member, you can join here.

The next Strategy Session will be held live Wednesday August 9, at 6:00 pm pacific time.  This workshop is: The Big Key to the Kingdom.  In this session we will be showing you how your customers and clients find you online and we will be presenting you with an amazing free tool to help you do this.  This class is foundational and necessary for every single website owner, regardless of their focus.  To join this session, simply go here copy the password for the session and click on the link to participate.  



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