This past Wednesday at Notions Into Motion, we debuted our very first workshop for our members.  This is foundational and in celebration of our Grand Opening, we are making the video available for members and non-members alike to show the quality of the NIM Business Builder process.

This particular foundational topic is “Begin Where You Are, Taking Stock So You Can Move Forward With Confidence.  In this workshop we take stock of our current assets at whatever point we are in our process to build a sustainable, profitable, scalable business online.  We have a checklist of assets on and offline that already exist in our business and learn that a step by step approach to building an online business can take the stress off of us.  We learn about making a plan and setting up a budget of time, money and resources.

Included with this workshop is a worksheet to allow members to make a list of the things they already have created in their business.  The action steps are included in the worksheet that is free to download below the video.


Here is the worksheet.  Simply right click here and choose save as from the dropdown.

This coming Wednesday:  Finding Your Perfect Customer or Client.  This workshop is only available to Notions Into Motion – Business Builders.  To join click here.


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