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Strategy Description

Pretty much anyone can put up a video on YouTube.  The tricky part (as in search engines) is to get yourself found by the people you want to view the video.  That’s where video optimization comes in.  There are hints in this workshop you might not find anywhere else.  It’s a whole lot less about adding videos than building a channel that becomes an authority in your niche.  It’s definitely something that will boost your branding as a company and add credibility to what you’re doing.

In this workshop you will learn the most important things that professional YouTube celebrities do to make their videos and their channels stands out, while boosting search engine results for your website and creating brand evangelists who share your video content and talk about you with their friends on and offline.

Be sure to check out the resource section, take the POP! Quiz and do your Action Steps so you can LEVEL UP!

Action Steps

  • If you already have videos on YouTube, optimize the descriptions and tags.
  • Create playlists of your videos.
  • Create link circles of your videos.
  • For any new videos, do the pre-sharing optimization.
  • Take 15 minutes to review other people’s channels every day, subscribe, like and comment.
  • Include a YouTube video (even if you don’t have any yet) in a post this week
  • Download the list of 50 free video sharing sites in the Strategy Session 8 post. Add a new account per day for the coming week. (15 minutes per day). As you add each new YouTube video, post it up to the other accounts (hint: you don’t have to do 50 accounts and if you do, unless it is a video series, don’t post every video to every account every time.)

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