if you are fed up with trying to figure out how to make money online, you are not alone. I get questions all the time like:

  • How do I start a business on a budget?
  • Does all this “tech stuff” have to be so confusing?
  • I am getting visitors to my website, but no one is buying anything.
  • I know I need a blog, but I haven’t got a clue how to get started.
  • I keep hearing about “the money’s in the list’ and it’s probably true, but how do I get one?  And what do I do with it once I have one?
  • I keep finding ads for products where you “just add traffic”, but they never actually tell you how to get traffic.  How can I figure this out?
  • I have lots of marketing tools. but I have no idea how to actually use them to make money online.
  • I just can’t seem to get online marketing to work for me!  Help!

If any of these sound like you, we are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Notions Into Motion, a digital marketing platfrom like no other.  This isn’t just a series of marketing courses.  It is a workshop format that means that every course you take has individual action steps.  As you take each step, doing while you learn, you will build a sustainable, scalable, profitable internet business.

By now, whereever you are in your business, you have run up against issues online that have frustrated you to the point that you wonder why you ever tried it in the first place.  We get it.  Without a guide or mentor, the process of getting your website found online and then actually getting people to buy what you ahve to sell can be frustrating and overwhelming.

You are not alone.  Over 90{a4b67f6672f8ed37db2925ec54abeeb6c11cd3f1234f9147a9fbedb59652a2c4} of all online businesses fail.  Not because the products or services they are selling aren’t worthwhile, but because they simply didn’t learn the principles and foundations of a successful online business.  And there are so many landmines out there, so many sharks who will sell you “3 clicks to millions” or “set it and forget it” or “put your business on autopilot” and so many other get-rich-quick-schemes and tools that more often than not either simply don’t work or can actually get you banned from search engines and ruin your company’s reputation.

This is why we created Notions Into Motion.  We teach proven marketing strategies and how to implement them in your business right away.  Every week we do a live strategy session to show you the next step in creating your marketing machine.  Every week we add new self-paced video courses that will allow you to fill in th eblanks of your marketing plan and make your business an online success.

In addition we have a resources section that will allow you to have access to the tools and resources professional marketers use and most of them will cost you nothing to use.  You no longer need to wonder what tools, software or techniques actually work, because we won’t add anything to our resources page without fully testing it ourselves.

Also included in your Notions Into Motion membership is a private Facebook group that allows you to ask questions and get answers as well as networking with other business owners using our cooperative marketing model.

Another benefit of membership is the backlink generator machine we will be building together to really get you the traffic and traction you need to be found online.  It’s an exciting new wrinkle I have never seen anywhere else ever before.  We can’t really talk about it in public, but it is a truly amazing benefit of membership in Notions Into Motion.

If this sounds good, then click here to get started and for more information about this amazing new internet marketing training membership.


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