It’s natural for you to be excited about your product or service, about the business you’re building.  After all,  who wouldn’t want to do business with you?

The reality?  Most people really don’t care about your product, your service or your company.  Most people only ever consider you or your company when they need what you have and even then, you are not as unique as you would like to believe.

So what DO most people care about?  They care about their own needs and the needs of their family.  After that, they care about their community, their causes and their recreation and relaxation.  So how do you get their attention?

Make it about THEM.  If you have done your research and you know and understand your ideal customer or client, then you know:

  • What drives them
  • Where they hang out
  • What they’re talking about
  • What they worry about
  • What they wish for
  • Who is important to them
  • Who they listen to
  • Who they follow
  • What gives them pain
  • What brings them joy

In other words, what motivates them.  When you speak to these needs in a meaningful way, they will listen to you.  When you understand these things about them, you know how to talk to them, where to find them and what you have to give to them that will make them want to be associated with you, your product or service and what will, over time, make them brand advocates who share you with their tribe.

It’s really pretty simple, but not always easy.  When you show you care about them, they are willing to listen to you.  When you put a piece of sales copy together, start asking yourself, “What can I tell my customer today that will make their life better because they listened to me?”  It sounds altruistic, to be sure, but it is one of the most important things you will learn as a marketer.  Putting your customer first before and after the sale is the foundation that great companies are built on.

For example, Google, was not the first search engine.  When I first got on the web in 1996, Google was a baby search engine.  Most people used Alta Vista and Yahoo at that time.  But Google seemed to have an instinct for giving their customers what they wanted, oftentimes before they knew what they wanted.  They were willing to temporarily ignore advertisers in order to set the searcher, their true customer, as their priority.  They set the precedent of continuing to constantly upgrade their algorithm to exclude spammers and blackhat sites from skewing the search results and as a result, their users grew to trust the results they got.

When they finally did start actively attracting paid advertising, they did it in a way that was readily transparent to their users, so you could tell the different from an organic search result and paid placement.  Because of this they became a trusted resource and due to the fact that they knew their “tribe” well enough to give them exactly what they wanted, they surpassed all other search engines very quickly.

One of the major players in the marketing world (he teaches Google how to market) is Seth Godin.  Take a look what he had to say in this amazing TED Talk.

Your business, at whatever stage it is in currently, can become a leader in your industry by making your customer the center of everything you do, instead of always putting your product on center stage.   Changing your focus in this way may very well be the missing piece in your marketing plan.



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