It costs a lot to get a customer client the first time.  Whether the cost is in elbow grease, actual advertising costs, persistent effort, trade shows, networking or just a huge amount of your time, if your entire focus is about getting new customers, you are leaving money on the table when you don’t take care to retain the customers or clients after you get them.

There are a lot of ways to do this, but most importantly, you need to have a plan right out of the gate that says you will continue to surprise and delight your current clients and customers throughout their experience with you and your product or service.  This means making sure that they know you don’t take their custom for granted.  Each business has a different way of doing this.  It’s kind of like the “mint on the pillow” when you come back to your hotel room and the bed is made and the room is clean.  Obviously having the room clean is part of the expected service and the mint costs them almost nothing, but that little extra gesture is a happy surprise that tells you they intend to go out of their way to give you an excellent experience.

You can do the equivalent of this in your business.  Happy little surprises.  An example for me that took them less than a penny to do was when I received the vitamin supplements I had ordered and when I opened the package, on the bottle was a sticky note that said:  “We appreciate your trust in us.  Please call us at (phone number) if you have any questions or need any assistance.”  I never needed to call that phone number, but a hand-written note made me feel valued as a customer and I have ordered from them again and again.

So what can you do?  Try one of these:

  • Add in a special “free report” that wasn’t included in what they ordered
  • Give them access to a private Facebook Group that connects them with other customers and adds a special layer of support.
  • Make a follow-up phone call to make sure they are getting the value out of the program or course they bought from you.
  • Send them an added bonus in the package of the product they bought.
  • Get their birthdays and send them a special Birthday Present (it could be a digital product)
  • Make a 2 minute video that is addressed to them personally, thanking them for joining your program or becoming your and offering continued support.
  • Offer a free 15-30 minute consultation when they reach a certain level of your coaching/mentoring/training program.

I think you get the idea.  Here’s our Marketing Moment with The Web Woman – Episode 2 – Making the Cut.  Enjoy:


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