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    Should You Be Working ON Your Business or Working IN Your Business?

    The answer is...drum roll please....BOTH! It may sound silly, but there seems to be a dilemma as to which of these is more important.  So, for those of you who aren't sure of what the difference is between the two: Working IN your business concerns revenue-producing, product-fulfilling member activities. Working ON your business means designing, planning, refining your business, but not
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    Why Kittens Rule the Internet and Why It Matters to Marketers

    There are over 161 million photos and approximately 85 million videos on YouTube alone of cats and kittens on the internet.  Cats and kittens are entertaining, it's true, but they also have the "awww" factor going for them.  That little tug of the heartstrings as we watch their antics, as we view those adorable and often comical faces feels good.  It's like heart candy.  It's become almost a
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    The Value of Compound Interest in Marketing

    Einstein once said: "Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world." Most people don't even understand what that means when it comes to finances, but when it comes to marketing online, I don't believe most people even knows how it connects. The Value of Doubling To start this discussion, let us consider this principle first from a financial perspective and then we will discuss the same
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    Digital Marketing – Why is it so hard?

    I get this question from clients all of the time.  The simple answer is that marketing has never been easy and in many ways it is much easier than it ever was, but to begin, let's find a good definition of what digital marketing actually is: " Definition of digital marketing. The marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. The key objective is to promote
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    Netiquette – Social Media Dos and Don’ts

    We had an event at my church last night, an evening of home made soup and board games.  And, of course, as we played, we talked of this, that and the other.  As we sat and chatted over many topics, family stuff, home renovations, hobbies and accomplishments, the topic of social media came up.  I spent most of my time listening to what the others were saying (listening is one of a marketer's
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  • The magic of persistence

    The Magic of Persistence

    Roadblocks happen.  Detours are inevitable.  However, there is one magic word I have found that seems to vanquish every obstacle, not only in my life as an online marketer, but in every aspect of everything I do.   Persistence.  An oft quoted poem sticks in my mind, often attributed to Goethe, although many believe it was written by W.H. Murray, regardless of who wrote it, it speaks to my
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    Winning the Marketing Game – Introducing “The Mission Accomplished Game”

    Marketing a business or marketing a product can be darned hard work, mainly because we just don't know how to market online.  Website promotion can be tricky at best, especially when you feel like a city-slicker in the jungle, without a guide and without a map. But what if it could be fun?  What if you had a guide who could guide you past the pitfalls and point you toward the perfect path
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    Episode 2 – Marketing Moments with The Web Woman – Making the Cut

    It costs a lot to get a customer client the first time.  Whether the cost is in elbow grease, actual advertising costs, persistent effort, trade shows, networking or just a huge amount of your time, if your entire focus is about getting new customers, you are leaving money on the table when you don't take care to retain the customers or clients after you get them. There are a lot of ways
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    Episode 1 – Marketing Moments with The Web Woman – The Foundation

    Exciting new feature.  5 days a week (Monday - Friday) I will be adding a 3-5 minute video with a marketing tip called "Marketing Moments with The Web Woman.  Topics you can expect to see: Email marketing SEO Social media marketing Sales letters and sales pages Marketing outside the search engines E-commerce Web design strategies Managing a membership site Best
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    It Isn’t All About YOU

    It's natural for you to be excited about your product or service, about the business you're building.  After all,  who wouldn't want to do business with you? The reality?  Most people really don't care about your product, your service or your company.  Most people only ever consider you or your company when they need what you have and even then, you are not as unique as you would like to
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