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“Bonnie Dillabough, you are my super hero. You have been there for me unselfishly since the day we met giving the BEST wisdom, knowledge, and encouragement. Your online marketing and business skills match those of the top Internet marketers. I appreciate you so much and I am eternally grateful to have you in my circle. Thank you for everything.   ~~ Nevada Howard, Speaker, Financial Consultant. Co-owner Citizens First Financial Group. Host of Real Talk With Nevada

“It’s because of Bonnie’s Cookie Cutter classes, which I took years ago, that my sites got to be #1 and all over page 1 on Google for two keyword phrasess, “healing codes coaching” and “healing codes coach.” The key with Bonnie is she knows how to come at web design and the technology from a marketing angle, and she’s a good teacher. She knows how to give you doable, bite-sized chunks of tasks to do that make a big difference in your marketing. So now I’m working with Bonnie again to get my html sites updated. Bonnie knows all these little tips and tricks that the big internet gurus never talk about, but I suspect use. Or, if they don’t–they could learn something from Bonnie!” –Diane Eble, .

“Bonnie is an amazing teacher & she has a great knack for making the complicated… simple. If you are looking to learn about how to make the internet work for you, Bonnie would be a great resource for learning… She is also a very cool person so you would have a good time while learning.”

~~ Tim Loomis

Creative Business Consultants

Bonnie has been the catalyst and my greatest mentor in guiding me and giving me the tools to make a childhood dream come true. I would not have made the movement forward or the achievements without her valuable coaching, mentoring and guidance. I highly recommend Bonnie, AKA The Web Woman. She is the best.”   ~~ Bernadette Dimitrov, Peace & Happiness Ambassador, international best selling author, Founder